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June 8-10 2016
34th Annual Conference
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Pre-Conference: Campus Climate, Social Justice, and Counseling Centers
  »Breakout Notes
  »Counseling Center handout
    (from SUNY Brockport)

Cory Wallack, Dr. Jeffrey Ng, Juanita K Martin 

Constructing an Equitable Exchange: Social Justice & Diversity in Counseling Groups
  »Powerpoint slides
John A. Asuncion

How to Fall in Love with Session Limits & Do Transformative Short-Term Work
  »Powerpoint slides
Michael Alcée

June 4 -5, 2015
33rd Annual Conference
Le Moyne College and Syracuse University
Alcohol and Drug Violations: Current Trends with the Assessment Process
 »Powerpoint slides
Michael Siembor, Patrick Monette, Angelica Dellapenna

BeWise Peer Educators:   From Concept to Implementation
Edward Millet & Beth Salatti

Coping with Family Trauma
 »Powerpoint slides
Jack Mack

Experiments in Happiness
 »Powerpoint slides
Mark Rice, Melissa Fallon- Korb, David Walden & Deb Harper

Helping the Help-Rejecting Student
 »Powerpoint slides: Part 1
 »Powerpoint slides: Part 2
Shelly Lear, Mark Rice, Darlene Schmitt, Camille Simonetti

LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence
Charlene Vetter & Andrew Wurl
Professional Needs of College Counselors 
Sharon Mitchell & Liz Snider
Sexual Assault:  Increasing Program Relevance and Efficacy on College Campuses
 »Powerpoint slides
Maria Randazzo & Michelle Scott

The Animals are Coming!
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 »Additional Resources
 »Assistance Animal Agreement
 »Disabilities & Housing
 »Fair Housing Information
 »Sample letter
Julie Hawkins

Using Imagination, Hypnosis & Metaphor to Increase Resilience
 »Powerpoint slides
Shelly Lear & Mary Wake 



June 5 -7, 2013
31st Annual Conference
Colgate University
Keynote ~ See You Around Campus: Why People Help, Why They Don't and What to Do About It
 »Powerpoint slides
Carrie Keating

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That! Wait, How Do You Do That?: Ways Titanium Can Make Your Life Easier
 »Powerpoint slides
 »Titanium User Manual for Client Management
Shelly Lear

Rape Prevention Eduction: Re- Thinking Our Strategies
 »Powerpoint slides
 »Re- Think Campaign website
Rebecca Harrington

Sensorimotor Therapy
 »Website< br /> John Bailey

Utilizing an Eating Disorder Treatment Team Approach with College Students
 »Powerpoint slides
 »When to Use ED Team
Sharon L. Mitchell, Althea Maduramente & Jessalyn Klein
Happiness at Work
 »Resolution Chart
Deb Harper, Lourdes Brache-Tabar

Inside Out: Facilitating a Discussion Group for LGBTQ Students
 »Powerpoint slides
Charlene J. Vetter

(Un) Motivated for Change: Using Motivational Interviewing in Group Therapy
 »Powerpoint slides
Amanda Tyson-Ryba & Michelle Olandese 

NY SAFE Act: What Does it Mean for Our Practice?
 »Powerpoint slides
Steve Byrne, Melissa Fallon, Bob Kazin & Joan McCool

Working with victims of Biased Acts
 »Powerpoint slides
Melissa Fallon, Marta Guzmán, Kimberli Andridge, Jeanne Keahon, Brandon Roman & Shawn Bubany

June 1-3, 2011
29th Annual Conference
Ithaca College
Substance Use and Mental Health on College Campuses: Implications for Counseling and Prevention
Jason R. Kilmer

Discussing Substance Use in the Counseling Center Setting: Applying Motivational Interviewing Strategies
Jason R. Kilmer

Anxiety Toolbox
 »Powerpoint slides
 »Coping with panic attacks
Melissa Fallon, Jeanne Keahon, Kerry Wagner, Amy Clarvoe

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for a College Population
Stephen Gadischkie, Nance Roy & Erin Engle

Doing More With Less: Evolving Evaluation and Intervention Protocols
Beth Cholette & Melinda DuBois

Pet Loss and College Students
Jessica Terwilliger

Wellness & Well-being
Sarah F. Spiegelhoff

What Goes On In The Disability Services Office?
Kateri Teresa Henkel

Why the Arts in College Counseling Psychotherapy?
Lourdes Brache-Tabar

June 9th - 11th, 2010
28th Annual Conference
SUNY College at Oneonta
A time to mourn: Exploring the mystery
Michael Herzbrun 
   »Presentation notes

Campus Radio
Bernadette Peters

Conflict Resolution
Meghann Wraight- Steinmetz
   »Conflict Resolution Outline
      & Worksheet
   »Conflict Resolution Small
      Group Scenarios &

Effective Group Programs
Jeff Van Lone

Gratitude: Insights from the Science of Well- Being
Robert Emmons
» Part I
» Part I Second Half
» Gratitude- Part II

[DIR] Learning To Slow Down
Mike Cammarata

Let's Talk
Carrie Cragun

Meeting the Needs of Student: Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury
Jody Ference

Music in therapy
Steve Byrne, Emma Wood, Melissa Fallon
   »Music in therapy handout

Relationship Violence
Dupe Akin- Deko

Yes Means Yes: A Collaborative Outreach Affirming Positive Relationships
Dawn LaFrance
   »Yes Means Yes Series Schedule

June 9th - 11th, 2009
27th Annual Conference
Hamilton College

Responding to the Changing Landscape of College Mental Health with Comprehensive Crisis Intervention and Health Promotion Strategies
Cory Wallack



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