CCUNY-L is an email-based network for professionals working at university and college counseling centers in New York. Its purpose is to provide a forum for counseling center staff members to come together and discuss a wide range of topics.

Typical Topics: There is no preset agenda for discussion -- users are free to raise any and all issues. Some typical areas of interest include: clinical issues, training, politics, administration, funding, managed care, announcements, support, encouragement, and letting off steam.

Networking: CCUNY-L is a wonderful way of meeting and staying in touch with colleagues from around the state.

How it Works: CCUNY-L is the electronic equivalent of a bulletin board: users post messages to the bulletin board, other people read those messages, and, if they so desire, post their own messages in reply. Many topics of discussion can occur simultaneously.

With CCUNY-L, all you do is send the messages you want to post to a single email address. CCUNY-L then takes over and forwards a copy of your message to all the users of CCUNY-L. The entire process is very simple, and full instructions will be sent to you upon subscription.

To Subscribe:

Send email to with the following as the text of your message:

sub ccuny-l YourFirstName YourLastName

Instructions will then be emailed to you on how to confirm your subscription. (You can also submit a subscription request directly from this web page, and enter the above command in the body of your message).




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