Crisis Intervention Case Studies - Village Housing

Case Study 1: Ellen is a junior in Marketing. She and her husband, Jim, live in Avery Village with their son and daughter. Ellen telephones the Resident Manager on call to report that her upstairs neighbors are arguing loudly, and she and her family have been awakened by what sounds like a scuffle above. Ellen is very upset because she doesnít know what she can do. She wants to ask them to stop, but she wants to respect their privacy. She is also afraid because she believes someone upstairs may be in physical danger. She tells you she wants to call UPD but is aware the couple upstairs is from another country and is uncertain about what this may mean to their status here.

Case Study 2: Around 4 P.M. one of the children on the playground comes to the Messer Village office to report that Simon, age 8, has fallen off the playground equipment and is crying. One of the Assistant Managers goes to check on the child while another AM attempts to reach the childís parents by phone. It appears Simon is in need of medical assistance. He is bleeding and his right arm may be broken. The Resident Manager learns from a neighbor Simonís father is usually at school until 6 P.M. and his mother is probably grocery shopping and wonít be back until after 5.

Case Study 3: Bill and Ted have been neighbors at Favel Village for Single Graduate Students for several years. They often spend time studying and socializing together as both are graduate students in the College of Engineering. On this particular occasion, however, they are having a disagreement over loyalties to the football teams playing in a hotly contested bowl game. While at the Village activity planned around the event, their verbal jousting moves from light hearted putdowns to the use of obscene language. A small crowd has gathered around the two men. The verbal altercation between the two men turns into a shoving match.

Case Study 4: Maria is a 24 year old mother of four. Her husband, Javier, is a graduate student in Statistics who also has a 20 hours per week assistantship. Javier spends a great deal of time at school, but Maria is quite active in the Marquis Village community. She is often seen on the playground with the children and assists the CDSA (Community Development Specialist) with many programs. Recently, Maria has not participated at all. She is not seen in public as much and rarely is observed with her children. Several residents have noted she appears to be tired and thinner. One day her daughter is playing with a pill bottle in front of the community commonís building. She is showing other children how her mom takes the pills and "goes to sleep for a long time." The Marguis Village mayor is alerted by a concerned neighbor about the pill bottle incident.

Discussion Topics

1. Describe the components of the crisis present in this situation.

2. Who are the principal participants in the crisis?

3. What factors need to be addressed in a crisis response to this situation?

4. Who or what are potential resources to provide assistance?

5. Describe a crisis response that includes assessment, intervention, and referral activities.

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