Counseling Center Electronic Project


The Counseling Center Directorsí Annual Data Bank
- Tom Magoon

Adaptive Supervision in Counseling Training
- Robert A. Rando

History of the UCS
- Gerald L. Stone

Counseling Centers on the Net: Buffalo & The Counseling Center Village
- David L. Gilles-Thomas

This project was part of a much larger endeavor called "Counseling Psychology at the Eve of the 21st Century" first announced in 1998. This project was originally conceived by Dr. John M. Whiteley (professor in Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine) as a means of cataloging the contributions, changes, and challenges of the profession of Counseling Psychology over the past century. Dr. Whiteley is the founding editor of The Counseling Psychologist and has written several books on the history of Counseling Psychology, and so it seemed fitting he would develop this project.

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, the "Counseling Psychology at the Eve of the 21st Century" project was never completed.

Nevertheless, there were several submissions that had already been made for the section of the project that focused on the history of University & College Counseling Centers, coordinated by Cathy Steel (University of California, Riverside). It was decided to make these submissions available here, rather than let them disappear forever.

A Counseling Center Village website
-- David L. Gilles-Thomas