Finding the Job You Love:
Loving the Job You Find

Workshop outline by Emil Rodolfa, Ph.D.


  1. Where you can find the Job of your dreams or nightmares
      a) Timelines
      * Early fall (teaching primarily)
      * Jan/Feb (Counseling Center)
      * April/August (funding issue/staff needs)

      b) Where will you find THE job
      * Newspapers
      * Journals
      * Websites
      * Conferences and Conventions

      c) What are you looking for
      * A job vs. THE job

      d) Is professional development a straight line? NO

      e) Getting to where you are going may have some detours

  2. To apply or not to apply: that is the first or second question
      a) Reading those job announcements: What are they really saying
      Look for fit...don't have one

      b) Cover letters....cover what
      * How much does it take to describe your professional life
      * Relate to the specific job
      * Highlight based on job description: What are they looking for?
      * Are you a student or professional? or a professional student?
      * How to organize this letter
      * Using the site's language

      c) Vita:
      * Conceptualize what you are trying to Convey
      * Be Complete, Clear, Concise and Consistent
      * Describe what you have done
      * How to organize your vita
      You know how to do this....but compare styles
      * Highlight your knowledge, training, and experience

      d) Letters of recommendation
      * A good letter can help
      * One bad or mediocre letter will eliminate you from contention

  3. Now that you have sent in your application what to do? what to do?
      a) Remember the movie "BIG" Be careful what you wish for

      b) The Interview: Whose interview is it anyway
      * Phone vs. In-person
      * Everything counts
      * Know the site, cite what you know
      * Meeting the boss
      * The search committee
      * The staff
      * Meeting trainees: the big mistake is________________
      * Clinical Issues
      * Everything else
      * Presentation
      * Questions and answers
      * Cases and vignettes
      * Roleplays and videotapes
      * Touring the campus
      * Social time is not down time
      * Etiquette: Best foot forward or in your mouth
      impeccable, extroverted, positive, forthright, observant, be yourself- your new self: professional not a student
      * What are they looking for

      c) After the interview...will they ever call again.
      * What to call or not to call

      d) What to do when an offer comes: Happy together
      * "You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate" -- Negotiate only after you have an offer -- salary or benefits or moving or starting or responsibilities
      * What do you want.....Where is your line

      e) Fear and Loathing in the Search for the Perfect Job
      * Getting down on yourself vs. getting down
      * Self-criticism vs. critical review of what happened
      * Feedback
      * Here's a someone who cares

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