Examples of Engaging Facilitation Skills
Jeff E. Brooks-Harris & Kevin G. Shollenberger

University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Demonstrating Leadership
This skill identifies you as the leader and let's group members know that you'll provide guidance, support, and structure for the group. Example: “Hey everybody, I'd like your attention! I'm Jordan and I'm going to be your orientation leader for the next two days.” (Peer Mentor)

Creating an Open Environment
There are things you can do as a leader to welcome new members to the group and make them feel included. Example: “I'm really glad that each of you are going to be living on the 9th floor of Aloha Tower this year. I think we're going to have a great time together. I'd like to go around the group and have everyone share one thing they're looking forward to at UH this year.” (Resident Advisor)

Encouraging Connections
In order to feel connected to a group, members need to get to know one another and see what they have in common. Example: “I'd like each of the representatives here to introduce themselves and say a few things about the group they represent and what other groups here they interact with the most.” (Student Government)

Building Group Rapport
One of the challenges of group leadership is creating camaraderie and good will within the group. It is important to encourage positive interactions that make members feel good about being part of the group. Example: “Thanks for coming to this time management workshop. Since I'm sure we all procrastinate, I'd like each of us to share one thing that we do to waste time when we're avoiding something more important.” (Peer Educator)

Defining Group Identity
Every group has an identity and an atmosphere. As a leader, you will set the tone for defining what the group is all about and what it will feel like to be a member. Example: “Let me tell you about what the kayak club has been like and what we've done in the past and then we can talk about whether we want to do the same things this year.” (Club / Organization)

Copyright 1998 Jeff E. Brooks-Harris & Kevin G. Shollenberger. Permission is granted to copy and use this handout provided this copyright notice remains intact.

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