Jeff E. Brooks-Harris & Kevin G. Shollenberger (1998).

This self-published workbook is available here on the internet.

If you are a college student leader who wants to improve your group facilitation skills or if you are a campus professional who trains or supervises student leaders, these materials may provide a useful training model.

If you use these training materials and would like to give feedback to the authors, please e-mail me at

If you'd like a clean, hard copy of this workbook that also contains figures that aren't available here on the internet, please e-mail me and I'll send you a copy.

Please click on one of the topics listed in the table of contents in order to view the individual pages.

Table of Contents

Four Types of Group Facilitation Skills
Twenty Group Facilitation Skills
Engaging Facilitation Skills - Examples
- - -
Informing Facilitation Skills - Examples
- - -
Involving Facilitation Skills - Examples
- - -
Planning Facilitation Skills - Examples
- - -
Leadership Techniques that Support Group Facilitation
Strategies for Improving Facilitation Skills
Action Plan for Improving Facilitation Skills
Group Facilitation Skills Check-up


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