Seminar in Clinical Psychology: Psychotherapy Integration

Psychology 774 - Section 002
Thursdays, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Fall 1999

Jeff E. Brooks-Harris, Ph.D.
Counseling and Student Development Center
University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Overview of Class:

This class will present clinical psychology graduate students with current ideas about the integration of different theoretical orientations to psychotherapy. We will explore major approaches to integration including common factors, technical eclecticism, and theoretical integration. We will learn about integrative psychotherapy models including Lazarus' Multimodal Therapy and Prochaska's Transtheoretical Approach. We will view and critique psychotherapy videotapes of leading integrationists such as Marvin Goldfried, Arnold Lazarus, and John Norcross. The class will be interactive and skill-oriented and will involve discussions, role-plays, student presentations, and student videotape demonstrations. As a result of participating in this class, students will be able to expand their repertoire of clinical skills and interventions and make informed decisions about which approaches to use with which clients under which circumstances.


Required Text:

Handbook of Psychotherapy Integration
John Norcross & Marvin Goldfried (1992)
New York: BasicBooks.


Class Assignments:


Determination of Grade:


Class Schedule:

Class 1. Aug. 26th

Class 2. Sept. 2nd

Class 3. Sept. 9th

Class 4. Sept. 16th

Class 5. Sept. 23rd

Class 6. Sept. 30th

Class 7. Oct. 7th

Class 8. Oct. 14th

Class 9. Oct. 21st

Class 10. Oct. 28th

Class 11. Nov. 4th

No class on Nov. 11th – Veteran's Day

Class 12. Nov. 18th

No class on Nov. 25th – Thanksgiving

Class 13. Dec. 2nd

Class 14. Dec. 9th