An Instructor's Resource Manual for Kimmel & Messner's Men's Lives

Michael Messina-Yauchzy, Jeff E. Brooks-Harris, & Douglas Gertner (1998). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

This instructor's manual uses an experiential learning approach to present topical teaching-learning activities related to areas of men's issues organized around the content of Men's Lives (Kimmel and Messner, 1998), a popular anthology used in Men's Studies classes around the country. Teaching Men's Lives presents materials related to Perspectives on Masculinity, Boyhood, Collegiate Masculinities, Men with Men, Men and Work, Men and Health, Men with Women, Male Sexualities, Men in Families, and Men and the Future. Here are links to two websites related to Teaching Men's Lives and Men's Lives:

Hyperlinks for Teaching Men's Lives

This website lists over 100 internet links related to men's studies organized around the topics and readings in Men's Lives.

Men's Lives by Kimmel & Messner

This is the Allyn & Bacon website describing the Men's Lives anthology.

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