Tips for Resolving Conflict

  1. Have a point(s):

    What is the expected result of the confrontation?
    What is really making you angry?
  2. Timing is Everything!

    Plan a time to talk when you have plenty of time, privacy, and are feeling calm.
  3. Stay Focused:

    Keep your voice calm and steady; take long, steady breaths, take a "time out" if you feel yourself escalating; own-up to your feelings and beliefs.
  4. Stay on Issue:

    Only discuss the issue at hand. Don't get personal, insult or use foul language. Avoid making global accusations ("you always/never"); be specific in your concerns.
  5. Compromise:

    Agree to disagree; don't try to "win" or change someone's mind. Accept responsibility for your thoughts and feelings.
    Tolerate diversity and/or ambiguity. 

        © Tran & Taylor, 2000 (Modified from Mental Health Association, Tulsa, Arizona.)