Anger Management Workshop Series
Part II: Emotion

Jennifer F. Taylor, Ph. D. & Shannon Tran, Ph. D.
Counseling & Psychological Services
Humboldt State University

1. Group Check-in (20 minutes)

2. Defining Emotion (10 minutes)

3. Perceptions of Anger (20 minutes)

A. How is anger viewed in our society?

B. Hand out Misconceptions about Emotions & complete

C. Process responses and reactions to handout


4. Regulating Emotions (15 minutes)

A. First step in regulating emotions is identifying feelings

Hand out Indentifying Feelings

B. Increase awareness of facial expressions & body changes

C. Be "mindful"

5. Understanding Hidden Anger (15 minutes)

Hand out Hidden Anger & process

6. Self-Soothing Exercise (10 minutes)

Jennifer F. Taylor & Shannon Tran are psychologists at Humboldt State University's Counseling & Psychological Services

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