Anger Management Workshop Series
Part III: Physiological Response

Jennifer F. Taylor, Ph. D. & Shannon Tran, Ph. D.
Counseling & Psychological Services
Humboldt State University

1. Group Check-in (20 minutes)

2. Mind-Body Connection (15 minutes)

A. Fight & Flight Response (sympathetic nervous system)

B. An Alternative to Fight/Flight is Mindfulness

3. Relationship Between Stress and Anger (10 minutes)

A. Draw Stress Graph

B. Stress is cumulative

BREAK (5 min)

4. Stress Inoculation Training (30 minutes)

A. Define and discuss stress inoculation

B. We can confuse our stress response with legitimate anger.

Note: This method will help reduce the day to day stress but it may not have a profound effect on the stress related to underlying problems that produce stress (e.g. chronic feelings of low self-esteem, chronic feelings of anger related to past experiences). Those underlying problems require time and patience. It may take months or years before you feel a change.


5. De-Stress Technique (10 minutes)

A. Muscle relaxation exercise

B. Handouts:

Jennifer F. Taylor & Shannon Tran are psychologists at Humboldt State University's Counseling & Psychological Services

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