Anger Management Workshop Series
Part V: Interpersonal Training

Jennifer F. Taylor, Ph. D. & Shannon Tran, Ph. D.
Counseling & Psychological Services, Humboldt State University

  1. Check-in (20 minutes)
  2. Summary of Workshop Series (5-10 minutes)
  3. Types of Interpersonal Styles (15 minutes)
  4. Role Play (10-15 minutes)
    1. Ask participants to role-play the following scenario to illustrate the types of interpersonal styles.
    2. Scenario: Another student accuses you of cheating on an exam. You have been asked to meet with the professor and the other student in the professor's office. You run into the other student an hour before the meeting.
    3. Depending on group size, have participants break up in small groups of three to role-play each character (see The Assertive Option Exercise handout).
    4. BREAK (5 minutes)
  5. Conflict Resolution Models (25 minutes)
  6. Summary and Thank You
    1. Summarize anger as an Emotional, Physiological and Cognitive set of processes. Remind participants they've learned a lot of information during the last few weeks and, as with any new skill, it may take some time and concerted practice before seeing results.
    2. Thank participants for attending the workshop series and offer consultation services (if appropriate).
  7. Evaluation (10-15 minutes)

Jennifer F. Taylor & Shannon Tran are psychologists at Humboldt State University's Counseling & Psychological Services

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