Career Decision Making Workshop Outline

Jeff Brooks-Harris & Brad Adams
Counseling and Student Development Center
University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Reflecting on Experience

Childhood Career Fantasy

Ask participants to briefly write down answers to each of these questions:

Have each participant share their answers to the questions about their childhood career fantasy. This exercise can be used to introduce a discussion of the factors that go into career decision making.

Assimilating and Conceptualizing

Factors that affect career development

Holland's Theory -

Experimenting and Practicing

Planning for Application

What to do next? - Discuss options for next steps

Action Plan
Have each person write down their action plan, what they plan to do next to further their own process of career development. Have each participant share their action plan. It may be helpful to encourage specificity and ask participants when they plan to accomplish these goals or steps.

Questions and Answers

Hand out Evaluations