"It's My Turn"
Classroom Discussion


  1. Introductions
    1. ASAP and me & Future workshops
    2. Goal of today
    3. What are some of the specific concerns that students have?
  2. Purpose of classroom discussion
    1. Opportunity to clarify ideas
    2. Enhance familiarity with subject
    3. Develop and evaluate ideas
    4. Opportunity to demonstrate your ideas to instructor, classmates and yourself
  3. The roles we play in a discussion (all at once)
    1. Participant/Active listener
    2. Facilitator: Helps the group to stay on topic and participate
    3. Clarifier: reflective listening skills
    4. Reporter: Note-taking and presenting
  4. Preparing for these roles (like paper writing)
    1. Read
    2. Question
    3. Note-take and write
    4. Review
  5. Group discussion (activity) -- assign roles and resolve problem
    1. Brainstorm ideas for entering conversation
    2. Discuss responses to these ideas -- what works for one may not for another
    3. Make recommendation to larger group
  6. Large group recommendations list
  7. Wrap-up
    1. What suggestion will you take back to the classroom?
    2. Survey
    3. Other workshops

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