Problem-Solving Activity

GOAL: To provide participants with the opportunity to set specific, realistic goals for addressing diversity issues in their environments.

TIME REQUIRED: 45 minutes

MATERIALS: Paper and pen/pencil.

PHYSICAL SETTING: Space enough to break into smaller groups for discussion.

PROCESS: Break participants into smaller groups of 4-6. Brainstorm in the groups all the diversity challenges which they face in their environment. Have them rank order the top three challenges they see and write them down. It is important to focus here on brainstorming, not coming up with solutions. Once challenges are outlined, begin to discuss manageable actions for dealing with those challenges and the resources or support you might need to take those actions. Make a note of these. It is important here to focus on manageable, realistic actions that each individual can take.

Once these actions are outlined, encourage participants to implement them in their own environment.

SOURCE: Leader's Manual for Valuing Ethnic Diversity: A Cultural Awareness Workshop. Designed and written by the staff of the Counseling and Mental Health Center, The University of Texas as Austin, 303 West Mall Building, Austin, TX 78731-8119, 512/471-3515.