Although there are many ways to increase your mood, one way that has been shown to be to be very effective is to increase the amount of pleasure you receive on a day-to-day basis.

The following steps can help you to do this:

  1. Create a list of pleasurable activities. Include particularly on this list activities that you used to do (and enjoy) but no longer do.
  2. Only include items on the list that are practical. For example, you could include "gardening;" but "taking a plane trip to Paris" would not likely be practical.
  3. Include on your list activities you have not done in the past but would like to do.
  4. Use the sample list of items below for ideas. You can use some of those listed or perhaps ones that are similar.
  5. Create a schedule where you select at least four of these activities to do per week. Write down exactly when you will do them.
  6. Write down the obstacles that will likely get in your way of doing these activities, and write ways to defeat these obstacles.
  7. After doing the activities note your feeling better, both immediately after, and after a week's worth of pleasurable activities.

Ideas for Pleasurable Activities:

* Going to hear live music * Playing a sport * Going to the beach * Creating some art * Playing a musical instrument * Going to a sporting event * Sewing * Gardening * Working on your car engine * Visiting with friends * Writing a letter to a friend * Calling a friend * Reading a good book * Cleaning the house * Accomplishing a goal * Going to a restaurant * Flying a kite * Going for a hike * Going for a walk * Journaling * Going to a religious service * Acting * Shopping * Sitting in the sun * Going to a community event * Going to a museum * Going to a bookstore * Photography * Listening to music at home * Meditating * Cooking * Spending time with a favorite family member * Surfing the Net * Playing cards * Exercising