Feel Better Fast: Help with Depression, Stress, and Insomnia
Workshop Outline

Bert H. Epstein, Psy.D.
University Counseling and Psychological Services
Oregon State University

Time Required: 80 minutes

I. Wait for Late-Comers - 5 min

II. Preliminaries - 3 min

A. Introduction of Presenter; distribute workshop list

B. Distribute workshops list & workshop title page with presenter info.

III. Reflecting on Experience

A. Break into groups of three-discuss experience with stress, insomnia or sadness (depression) - 7 min

B. Group discussion: each person to mention one time they had difficulty in any of these areas - 10 min

IV. Assimilating & Conceptualizing / Planning for Application

A. Distribute FBF Overview - introduce agenda - 1 min

B. Distribute Star Chart (blank version) - review - 3 min

C. Distribute Star Chart Sample - review - 2 min

D. Distribute How to...Pleasurable Activities - review - 5 min

a. Have list 5 interpersonal & 5 on-own activities, then transfer their top two to star chart

E. Distribute Being Good to Your Body- review - 9 min

a. Have list activities they will do (exercise, nutrition, time management) on Star Chart

b. Do a relaxation exercise-then have list on star chart - 6 min

F. Distribute How to...Sleep - review; mark on star chart - 3 min

G. Distribute How to...Negative Moods, Cognitive Distortions Checklist, Thought Response

a. Review cognitive model, cognitive distortions-ask for participants to come up with examples - 4 min

b. Ask for a volunteer-use situation & do thought response record on board. - 5 min

V. Experimenting & Practicing

A. Each person to fill out Thought Response Record using a situation from their past - 5 min

B. Discussion - 2 min

C. Each to list this as homework on star chart - 1 min

VI. Conclusion

A. Distribution How to Reduce Stress... & How to Survive the Loss of a Love - 2 min

B. Review of "homework"-using the Star Chart

C. Distribute a second copy of Thought Response Record & Star Chart for future use - 1min

D. Questions & Comments - 2min

E. Evaluation - 3 min

Bert H. Epstein, Psy.D. is a psychologist at Oregon State University's Counseling and Psychological Services

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