How to Study in Less Time & Do Better
Workshop Outline

Bert H. Epstein, Psy.D.
University Counseling and Psychological Services
Oregon State University

Time Required: 80 minutes

I. Extra Time for Late-Comers - 5 min

II. Introduction of Presenter - 3 min

III. Reflecting on Experience

A. Game: "The Worst Ways to Study" - 3 min

B. Discussion of the worst ways - 5 min

IV. Assimilating & Conceptualizing

A. Hand out and review The Seven-Day Study Plan - 10min

B. Hand out and review 17 Ways to Improve Your Studying - 30min
(use 17 Ways - Detailed Version for presenter's additional info.)

V. Experimenting and Practicing

A. Large Group Discussion - 5min

B. A Key Question - 3 min

What's the "secret" behind these strategies that makes them work?
Ask students, then mention:

VI. Planning for Application

A. Meet in groups of three - Discuss which techniques you will use - 6 min

B. Distribute handouts for students to read at home - 1 min

VII. Questions and Comments - 3 min

VIII. Evaluation - 3 min

Bert H. Epstein, Psy.D. is a psychologist at Oregon State University's Counseling and Psychological Services

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