What is "Internet Obesession" or "Internet Addiction"?

Overall, Internet addiction is a pattern of use of the Internet that takes up so much time as to cause problems with school, work, social activities/relations, family relations, finances, and mental or physical health.

Take the following quiz to see if you may be addicted!

(Check each statement that is generally true for you.)

__ I use the Net often for longer periods of time than I initially intend when I log on.

__ I have become "tolerant" to current levels of use and seek increasingly greater amounts of time on the net. The current amount of time is no longer "enough."

__ When I attempt to "withdraw" from using the net, I experience a variety of problems, including anxiety or obsessive thinking about what I am missing.

__ I have a desire to cut back on Net time but make unsuccessful attempts to cut back.

__ I spend too much time or money on Internet related items, such as books, magazines, hardware, or software.

__ I become defensive and argue with others about how much time I spend on-line.

__ I am becoming closer to on-line friends than real life friends.

__ My GPA has gone down. I spend less time studying and going to classes.

__ I have less interest in extracurricular activities.

__ I have dating, relationship or break-up problems.

__ I don't get enough sleep because I am on the computer.

__ I have less interest in social activities, friendships, and community events.

__ My relationship with my parents and/or other family members has gotten worse.

__ I have physical problems like eyestrain, headaches, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

__ I continue to use the Net despite real life problems caused or exacerbated by it.

Total # items checked: ___

If you checked four or more items, you may have Internet Addiction.

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