THE CORNELL METHOD (A system for taking lecture notes)

A. Divide the paper into two columns (right one bigger)

* right column: for notes

* left column: "the recall column" 4 key phrases

B. Record: put lecture content in right column

C. Reduce: move key words/phrases to left column after lecture

D. Recite: recite information using these key words

E. Reflect: relate material to own experiences, add own thoughts

F. Review: use left column throughout the term

THE SQ3R METHOD (A System for Reading for Classes)

A. Survey

1. Skim over chapter headings & topics within chapter.

2. Read summary paragraph at end of each chapter.

3. Notice core ideas of each chapter.

4. Get a general feel for what the chapter is all about.

B. Question

1. Create a question from each heading

2. Ask Who? What? Why? How? When?

3. Think of what the author is trying to make you aware

C. Read

1. Read the chapter to answer the questions you developed

2. Notice italicized words and phrases.

3. Make sure all your questions were answered.

D. Recite

1. Answer your questions without looking at the material

2. Use your own words to express your thought

E. Review - review your notes