Stress Management
Workshop Outline

Bert H. Epstein, Psy.D.
University Counseling and Psychological Services
Oregon State University

Time Required: 80 minutes

I. Wait for Late-Comers - 5 min

II. Preliminaries - 4 min

A. Introduction of Presenter; Distribute term workshop list

B. Distribute workshop title sheet with presenter information

C. Put up overhead: How to Handle Stress (a joke list to get everyone relaxed)

III. Reflecting on Experience - 10 min

A. Group Discussion- What is Stress (list on board)

1. Physical symptoms?

2. Feelings?

3. Actions?

4. Thoughts?

5. Add to list from Indicators of Stress; distribute; let them look over briefly for review

IV. Assimilating & Conceptualizing

A. Why do we have stress? - 5 min

1. Ask participants

2. Discussion of evolutionary purpose (fight or flight)

B. Times when stress is good in modern times - 2 min

1. The Inverted U curve (want amount of stress for max performance, not little or too much)

C. Sources of Stress

1. Ask class to list - 1 min

2. The five stressors for college students - 5 min

a. Mention each (from handout); participants say what can be stressful about each.

b. Handout: Five Stress Producing Situations for College Students (let them look over quickly as a review)

V. Reflecting on Experience

A. Quiz: How Vulnerable are You to Stress? - 7 min

1. Have them complete and briefly discuss if believe it is accurate

VI. Assimilating & Conceptualizing

A. Review: We now know 1) what stress looks like, 2) why we have it, and 3) what causes it. Next; What to do about it!

B. Get suggestions from participants-list on board - 5 min

C. Add to list from Handling Your Stress handout; distribute; review - 14 min

VII. Experimenting and Practicing

A. Do a relaxation exercise - 10 min

VIII. Planning for Application

A. Each writes at least three ways they will change their lifestyle to reduce stress - 4 min

B. Questions & Comments - 3 min

IX. Evaluation - 5 min

Bert H. Epstein, Psy.D. is a psychologist at Oregon State University's Counseling and Psychological Services

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