Study Skills Workshop

Sherry K. Lynch, Ph.D.
University Counseling Center
Virginia Tech

I. Reflecting on Experience - Motivation Grabber

Study Skills Checklist (Handout)

II. Assimilating and Experiencing - Handouts / Lecture

Notetaking Strategies (Handout)

Memory / Forgetting Curve

A. Short-term v. long-term memory

1. Short-term: limited, lasts only a brief time

2. Long-term: unlimited, permanent a. Information must be processed through short-term memory first

B. Steps to move memory from short-term to long-term

1. Don't overload short-term memory; stop frequently to process new learning

2. Rehearse new information be repeating in to yourself and thinking about it

a. Repetition helps make the transfer

C. The Forgetting Curve

1. We forget the most during the first 24 hours

2. Reviewing the same day can make the difference between forgetting 80% of the information and remembering almost 80% of it

SQ3R - A Reading / Study System (Handout)

III. Experimenting and Practicing - Structured Discussion

IV. Planning for Application - Speak Out