Design and Delivery of Developmental Interventions

This outline is a summary of Developmental Interventions: Theories, Principles, and Practice by David Drum and Alice Lawler (1988). Columbus, OH: Merrill Publishing Company.

Formats for Developmental Interventions

Intervention Strategies

Levels of Change

Interaction Patterns

Stages of Change In Developmental Interventions
Leader Goals / Participant Tasks

Factors and Elements of Developmental Interventions

  1. Environment - conducive to safe interpersonal exchanges, self-exploration, and hopefulness
  2. People - management of interpersonal processes
  3. Problem - intrapersonal aspects of confronting an issue
  4. Procedure - structure the procedure into a comprehensive plan for change

Planning and Designing a Workshop

  1. Initial Planning
  2. Establishing Basic Change Assumptions - Developmental assumptions drawn from theory
  3. Participant Interaction Patterns - Listening, disclosing, interacting, and receiving feedback, etc.
  4. Establishing a Therapeutic Milieu = Environment Factor
  5. Management of Interpersonal Dynamics = People Factor
  6. Attacking and Working Through the Problem = Problem Factor
  7. Structuring Procedural Elements = Procedure Element