Components of a "Generic" Workshop Outline

Kathy Obear
Amherst, Massachusetts

1. Introduction

a. Welcome: title of seminar

b. Introduce facilitator(s): establish credibility

c. Introduce participants

d. Needs assessment

e. Icebreaker/team-builder: warm-up activity

f. Motivation grabber

g. Goals of session

h. Expectations of participants: ground rules

i. Agenda / format / time line

2. Body of Workshop

a . Overview of skills / knowledge / attitudes

b. Participants experience knowledge / skills / attitudes

c . "Process" / analyze activity

d. Develop principles / generalizations

e. Apply new learning on a personal level: practice

f. Apply new learning in other situations

g. Personal goal setting: what do participants want to

h. Give "homework": how can participants keep learning and growing


a. Review / summarize major points

b. Bring closure to the seminar

c. Give a motivational "pep-talk"

d. End on a positive note

e. Gather evaluative feedback

f. Thank the participants

g. Stay around for questions from participants

Kathy Obear is a diversity trainer and consultant based in Amherst, Massachusetts (413) 283-2503.

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