About this Directory
Dear Counseling Center colleagues:

University and College Counseling Centers are increasingly using the internet as a vehicle for outreach, training, and collaboration. As counseling center professionals, it is important that we let each other know about our efforts. This ever-expanding directory contains information on different internet resources set up by counseling centers, and how to access them directly from your own computer account.

The sharing of resources such as those listed in this directory can be invaluable -- we can combine our efforts to provide much more effective services to students (and others) than if we each work separately. We can examine what our colleagues are doing elsewhere and learn from them. The resources we make available locally will be all the more effective if we stay aware of what our colleagues are doing nationally.

For Example:

  1. if there is information that you would like to include on your local world wide web page that is already currently available somewhere else, you can easily and seamlessly make a link to that information, placing the entries directly in your page.
  2. if you are trying to set up your own internet resource, you know that doing so can be cryptic and confusing. You can make things much easier by linking to any of the resources listed in this directory and seeing how they did it.
If your site has something that you would like others to know about (e.g., web sites, ftp sites, document banks, mailing lists), submit your information using the "How to Add/Revise A Site" link to the left, and I'll include the information in the next edition of this directory. Let me know if you have questions or if anything is not clear (I realize that if you are new to this, this can all be rather mind-numbing, so please do not hesitate to contact me with questions). Any suggestions for additions, corrections, etc are happily received.

Copyright, David L. Gilles-Thomas, Ph.D.