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    About the Counseling Center Village

Originally introduced at the 1997 ACPA Convention in Chicago by David L. Gilles-Thomas and Wendy Settle, the Counseling Center Village has become an important resource for counseling center professionals around the world. Colleagues separated by many miles are easily able to share their resources and expertise. Brochures, Policy and Procedure manuals, intake forms, workshop outlines, and more, no longer gather dust in our offices or need to be recreated again somewhere else.


The mission of the Counseling Center Village is to bring together in a single organized web site the expertise and resources of counseling center professionals so that we can all benefit from each others’ efforts. The majority of the content of the Village web pages is created by counseling centers professionals. Although links to non-counseling center sites are included, the emphasis is on gathering together resources, information, and services created by counseling center professionals.

More information about the history of the Counseling Center Village can be found here: Counseling Centers On the Net: The University at Buffalo and the Counseling Center Village

How You Can Participate

There are many ways you can get involved with the Counseling Center Village, depending on the level of involvement you want.

1. Content submissions: The Village is only as successful as the quality and number of submissions. If you have a brochure, an article, some research data, sample forms, flyers, or any other counseling center material you would like to add to the Village, let us know!

2. Section Coordinators: There are still several sections of the Village in need of coordinators. If you would like to get involved in this exciting and ground-breaking project, don't hesitate to contact us.

3. CVILLAGE-L: Interested in the development of the Village? Join the Counseling Center Village listserv! More information can be found on-line.

4. Assisting web coordinators: The coordinators of the different Village areas need assistance! Contact any of the coordinators and volunteer.

5. Layout & Graphic design: We are always in need of assistance in improving the basic layout and graphic design of the Village.

6. Publicity: To best achieve the mission of the Village web project, it will be important that we inform our colleagues about the project. If you have interest in publicity, we need you!

7. Coordination with other professional organizations: If the goal is to avoid duplicating efforts, it will be important to be informed about the efforts of other professional organizations (e.g., AUCCCD, APPIC) and when appropriate to collaborate with them. Let us know if you would like to assist in coordinating our efforts with other organizations.

8. General feedback, suggestions: However you deliver it (email, voice, letter, etc), we are always interested in any feedback you may have for us. Suggestions about the layout, content, a favorite site of yours that we should link to, what works and what doesn't… they are all wanted.