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How often do we recreate the wheel? Every Center has arrived at it's own solutions to policy and procedure issues, and what better way to avoid the wheel recreation scenario than putting all of our expertise at each other's finger tips. You are encouraged to submit your resources.

Paperwork, forms, releases, etc.

:: Intake forms, release of information, treatment plans, session notes, termination summaries, psychiatric consultation notes, and more.


:: Software for scheduling, record keeping, analysis, and data-management.

Lethality, Crises, Students of Concern

:: Critical incident stress debriefing, crisis plans & protocols, no suicide contracts, and other methods of reducing risk-laden situations.

Policies & Procedures

:: Policies and procedures, including complete manuals, as well as documentation guidelines for Learning Disabilities, and Eating Disorder protocols.


:: Sample policy statements, links to other internet resources.

Performance Review & Evaluation

:: Staff, intern, presentation, and program evaluation and performance review forms.

Counseling Center Assessment Instruments

:: Client satisfaction surveys, needs assessments, faculty/staff perception of counseling services surveys, outcome measures, etc.

Mission & Diversity Statements

:: Mission statements and Diversity statements from different counseling centers.

 Annual Reports

:: Annual reports and related documents.
AUCCCD Resources ::

Archive of materials maintained at Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors' website.  Publicly accessible.
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