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Special Thanks

Robert Hsiung for taking my text-only document back in August 1995 and creating the first html version of this directory, and for helpful suggestions on subsequent versions of this work.
Ross A. Winston, for the CGI Programming


    Here are some journal entries from the early years of this Directory's development, going back in time to the original idea.

March 31, 2005


It took a long time to track down the problems with the database. And then life got in the way. Today, however, everything is back on track. Over 100 new additions and revisions have been made to the Directory (too many to list here). There are now 301 entries in the Directory! The turn-around time for new submissions & revisions will now be much quicker (I know some of you have been waiting a long time to see your submission). And there are plans for a redesigned interface for the Directory. Stay tuned (and feel free to send me your suggestions)!

Thank you all for your patience & support!

October 22, 2001


I am in the process of fixing the Directory database. Unfortunately the database was corrupted when a well-meaning graduate assistant tried to update the Directory last year, damaging the database in such a way that entries were duplicated, and new entries were not appearing. I finally have the database back to where it was about 6 months ago, and now I am manually adding the new additions. Please note: if you do not see your site listed in the Directory, please resubmit your listing - some of the submissions made over the past 6 months were lost due to the database problems.

Thank you for your patience!

November 9, 1999

There are now no Telnet sites in this directory.

May 17, 1999

There are now no longer any gopher sites in this Directory!

June 9, 1998


  • State University of New York at Buffalo, Counseling Center - added links to other internet resources found at this site (e.g., Counseling Center Village and the Counseling Centers on the Internet Directory).
  • University of Chicago, Counseling and Resource Service - added a link to the Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection.

June 8, 1998


The page that results after you select the resources you want listed has been updated. It now includes a list of the search parameters used, the number of entries matching those parameters, and the current date & time.  
June 1, 1998


New interface to the directory. This will allow quicker updates to the Directory. Please let me know of any problems or bugs!

April 28, 1997


To allow easier processing of the numerous requests I get for the addition of new sites to the directory, a form for submitting sites was created. 


  • University of Chicago, Student Counseling and Resource Service: Student Counseling Centers on the Web

October 21, 1996


This edition of the Counseling Centers on the Internet Directory represents a major revision over its predecessors. The table of contents has been reworked, this "What's New" page has been added, and the entire Directory has been reviewed to correct errors, remove no-longer-existing links, and basically clean things up a bit. The major change, however, has been the addition of a SEARCH facility. This will allow you to search the entire database and construct your own reports for just the information you want. You can search by content, location, and any other text that appears in the Directory.


When I began this directory, there were just a handful of Counseling Centers on-line, and new sites appeared slowly. Today, in contrast, new sites created by Counseling Centers are appearing weekly, if not daily, and this Directory expands at an amazing rate. I once referred to the Directory in the Introduction as "this little document" -- but no longer!


January 1995


  • Here's an early version of the Directory, a text-only file. This gives a good idea of how far, and quickly, things have developed.

Early 1994


  • Here's some stuff that I thought was kind of fun regarding the history of this site. It provides a window into some of my original thoughts about this web site. This is back in the days when the web was just beginning, gopher was dominant, and Mosaic was the only web-browser of note. My, how things have changed!