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How To Submit Materials to the Counseling Center Village

We would like to invite you and your colleagues to participate in an exciting Internet project called the Counseling Center Village web site. The Village web site was created to bring together in a single organized web site the expertise and resources of counseling center professionals from around the country. Too often we work in relative isolation from each other, unaware of the work our colleagues are doing at other schools. As a result we run the risk of duplicating our efforts and recreating the wheel, rather than building on the accomplishments of each other and collaborating on new projects and initiatives. The Counseling Center Village web site offers us an efficient and convenient way of overcoming this isolation.

Most of the content of the Village web pages has been and will continue to be created by counseling center professionals. Although links to non-counseling center sites sometimes will be included, the emphasis is on gathering together resources, information, and services created by counseling center professionals, so that we can all benefit from each others' efforts.

For the past year and a half the Counseling Center Village has already gathered links and materials on a wide variety of topics and issues of concern to counseling center professionals. To keep the Village up to date and viable, we need to continue to add new resources.

Please consider making submissions, and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Pass the word! We'd appreciate it if you would consider announcing our project at your next staff meeting, posting the enclosed flyer, or copying the enclosed flyer for your staff.

What We Are Looking For
We are looking for psychoeducational brochures, conference presentations, research data, sample forms, seminar outlines, workshop outlines, promotional flyers, newspaper ads, research reports, needs assessment forms, self-help web pages, or any other counseling center material or resource that you would like to share with your colleagues. It need not be formatted properly for the web (although that helps!) - we are looking for all of those documents and other resources that have been gathering dust for far too long and that deserve a wider audience!

How to submit your material
Submit your material as an email attachment, a web page link to an already existing page, as a hard copy via snail mail. While we prefer computer files (e.g., email attachment) rather than hard copies, we can work with what ever you have! For more information, or to send resources, contact us via email, by phone 716-645-2720, or snail mail (Counseling Center Village c/o David Gilles-Thomas, University at Buffalo, 216 Michael Hall, Buffalo NY 14214). Also, you can find section-specific contact information in some of the sections of the Village.