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Just as a real world village is made up of many individual homes, the Counseling Center Village is made up of the many home pages -- and other web resources -- created by college and university counseling centers around the world. You will find here a wide range of resources for the counseling center professional. Collaboration has never been easier!

Counseling Center Directory
::   A listing of university and college counseling centers currently on-line.
Virtual Pamphlet Collection ::   Psychoeducational pamphlets organized by topic.
Workshop Central ::   Psychoeducational workshop outlines, manuals, handouts, and other materials.
Training Resources ::   Internships, practica, externships, seminar presentations, readings, job searches.
At The Office ::   Policies and procedures, forms and paperwork, HIPAA, assessment, and more.
Research and Technology ::   Research, publications, internet, web design, software, surveys, CSCMH.
Staff Development ::  Professional organizations, job search resources, staff development materials.
Practice Resources ::   Clinical, assessment, screenings, journals, and other practice-related resources.

Last Update: May 19, 2016
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