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UPDATE REQUEST EXAMPLE: Listservs and other resources

In addition to Web sites, there are other internet resources available. Your office may have created such a resource, so this page shows you how to enter information about a resource other than a web site.

Probably the most common resource listed in the Directory after web sites is an email distribution list (e.g., listserv). Below you will find examples of an email distribution list submission. There are other resources as well, of course; any and all of these can be included in the Directory by modifying the examples below as needed.

Here are some examples of email distribution lists:

Counseling and Student Development Center
Contact: Ralph Roberts, 
   List Name:
     Counseling Center Directors' Network. 
     A discussion list for directors (& assistant directors and directors
     emeritus) of university and college counseling centers. Topics
     include counseling & clinical issues, policies & procedures,
     confidentiality, current political/economic issues, research, and
     consultation & outreach. Providing collegial contact and support
     around these and other topics is an essential role for the network. 
   To subscribe: 
     send email to
     Leave the subject line blank. The only line you need in the body of 
     the message is as follows: subscribe directors