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  Counseling Center Listservs

ACCTA Training Director's List  
  • Description: A discussion list for training directors of pre-doctoral psychology internship sites. 
  • To subscribe: login to ACCTA membership page.

American Educational Research Association Division E (Counseling and Development)

  • Description: Division E has a LISTSERV, an open forum for discussion related to Div. E concerns.
  • To Subscribe: Visit website.
  • You can also read (only) the listserv archive at this website.

AUCCCD Discussion List

  • Description: Official AUCCCD listserv. A forum for counseling center directors to discuss issues. As a member of AUCCCD you are already included on the listserv.
  • See also the Counseling Center Directors Listserv below.

CCAPS (Commission VII) listserv

Counseling Center Directors Listserv (CCD-L)  
  • Contact: Glen Bowman 
  • Description: The Counseling Center Directors List (CCD-L) was created by a group of college and university counseling center directors who wanted an efficient way to communicate broadly with their director colleagues at other institutions. The network discussion is for directors of college and university counseling centers. It is also subscribed to by assistant directors and directors emeriti. If you are the director of a college or university counseling center, you can join the list as follows:
  • To subscribe:
    Send the message: SUBSCRIBE CCD
  • See also the AUCCCD Discussion List

Counseling Center Program Development Listserv

  • Contact Jane Bost
  • Description: This group is composed of university counseling center professionals who are involved in developing and implementing outreach and/or consultation at their centers. The purpose of such a group is to provide a forum to exchange ideas, promote discussion and generally improve the quality of programming at university counseling centers.
  • To subscribe: Contact Jane Bost, via email.

Counseling Center Village listserv

  • Contact: Wendy Settle, Ph.D. University of Notre Dame
  • Description: The Counseling Center Village listserv is designed for those who are interested in becoming involved in the development of the Counseling Center Village website. Joining the CVILLAGE listserv is limited to university and college counseling center professionals and pre-doctoral interns. Other graduate and undergraduate students may join this committee if they are sponsored by a counseling center professional on the committee.
  • To subscribe: The CVILLAGE list is not open to automatic subscriptions. Send your subscription request to Wendy Settle, and put Subscribe CVILLAGE in the Subject line. In the body of the message include your name, email, work address, and phone number.

Counseling Centers of New York Listserv (CCNY)
  • Contact: David L. Gilles-Thomas 
  • Description: A discussion list for professionals working at counseling centers in New York state. More information can be found at the CCNY website.
  • To subscribe: send email to Leave the subject line blank. The only line you need in the body of the message is as follows:

    SUB CCUNY-L yourname

Counseling Psychology Practice and Science List (COUNPSY-L)  
  • Description: COUNPSY is a discussion list dedicated to the exchange of ideas and issues of topics relevant to the theory, practice, and science of counseling psychology. This list has been designed for those in the field of counseling psychology, students in counseling psychology programs, or others interested in the profession. 
  • To subscribe: Send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU containing the text "subscribe COUNPSY yourname", where "yourname" is your real name. No subject line is needed.

Groups in Student Counseling Centers (Groupsinscc) 
  • Description: A forum for discussing the special challenges involved in starting and maintaining psychotherapy and support groups at college counseling centers.
  • To subscribe: Visit the list's webpage.

Research and Technology Listserv  
  • Contact: Ben Locke
  • Description: Dedicated to counseling center professionals whose work and/or interests focus on the intersection of research, technology, and psychology. A part of the Counseling Center Village Research and Technology section.
  • To Subscribe: Send email to Ben Locke by clicking here.

Student Counseling Centers on the Web  
  • Contact: Robert Hsiung
  • Description: This list is focused on the topic of university student counseling center web resources on the web. The envisioned topics of this list include: announcements of new counseling center web sites and web resources, discussion of hardware, software, clinical, legal, and ethical issues related to the provision of counseling center web resources. At this time, scc-web is an open list (ie, there are no subscription restrictions), but this is open to discussion and change.
  • To Subscribe: Visit the SCC web site.