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ACPA CCAPS Newsletter Feature Articles Archive

sorted by date
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Attempted Suicide and ADA Changes: Helping Students Stay Alive
Jo Campbell & Abby Priehs

Developing Student Success: Positive Psychology Based Life Coaching for Students
Larry Marks

Military Outreach: Strategies for Serving Veterans
Mark Eister

The Privileged Identity Exploration (PIE) Model Revisited
Shelly Watt, John Mueller, Kira Pasquesi, Cindy Ann Kilgo

Show Me the Money! Small Funding Grants Can Provide Big Opportunities for Your Counseling Center
Alan M. “Woody” Schwitzer

Understanding and Researching Disability in Higher Education: Emerging Perspective
Kristen Brown, Edlyn Vallejo Peña, Susan Rankin, Lissa Stapleton, Katherine Stygles, Ellen Broido

What You Need to Know About APPIC’s New Standardized Reference Form
Marcie C. Wiseman


After-Hours Campus Emergencies: Training, Collaborating, and Response as a Team
Eric Klingensmith, Nicole Marganti, Takeelia Garrett-Lynn

Assessing for Harm to Others: Guiding Principles for Assessing Violence Risk, a BioPsychoSocial Model
Meggen B. Sixbey

“Big Bang” and ASD: What Administrators Need to Know
Lynn Ortale & Rosemary Mullaly

Emerging Adults Theory and Identity Development
Diane J. Wolter

Exploring Psychological Privilege
Joelle Ruby Ryan & Sean Moundas

Intensive Treatment Programs at University Counseling Centers
Meggen B. Sixbey

TCKs: The Largest Group of Un-Served Students Hidden among Us?
David Stuebing


Counselor’s Role on a Behavioral Threat Assessment Team
Meggen Sixbey

College Men’s Gender Identity Development: Theory to Practice
Keith E. Edwards

College Women’s Eating and Body-Image Problems: Developmental, Educational, Counseling Approaches Alan M. Schwitzer

Cyber Grieving: Social Media In Addressing Grief and Loss and Inspiring Well-Being in Students
Michael M. Kocet. Kelly Brune, Christina Hale, Peter Max Quinn, Jeffrey Sarahs

Gaining Ground on Mental Health Help-Seeking Behaviors: A BGSU Perspective
Laura Saavedra, Ellen Broido

Implementing a DBT Program Into a University Counseling Center
Amberly Panepinto, Carissa Uschold, Michelle Olandese

Keeping it Sexy: Positive Sexuality for Healthier Student Relationships
Scott C. Brown, Dawn E. LaFrance

Psychological First Aid: A Best Practices Model
Meggen Tucker Sixbey

Rape as All-Encompassing: The Lived Experience of Sexual Assault Survival for Women in College
Mollie M. Monahan-Kreishman


Actively Caring for Inclusive Excellence: Fostering a Culture of Civility and Inclusion
Taris G. Mullins, Shane M. McCarthy, Deepu V. George, Frank S. Shuchok

Arab And Muslim Women: Stereotypes and Misconceptions; Reality and Hopes
Hind Mari, Abed Jaradat

The Intersection of Stress, Connection & Sucide: How Some Studentss reach Out, and Why Others Do Not (Webinar slides)
Chris Brownson, Elaine Hess, Jennifer Kyle

Male Body Image: Exposing the Growing Dilemma Among College Men
Lewis Bozard

Self-Care Practices of CCAPS Members
Irina Diyankova

What’s Your Major? The Certainty of Uncertainty
Tracy M. Lara, Patrick Jackson, David Gregory, Roberta Sue Parrigin


Discovering Alyce
Sue Stock

History of the Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services (CCAPS) – The First 25 Years
Lynn Roney

History of the Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services (CCAPS) – The Second 25 Years
Sherry Lynch Conrad

Stress and Wellness Clinic Improves College Student Success and Well-Being
Irina Diyankova, Katherine Daly, Daphne Davis


Addressing the Increasing Demands
Kelly Case-Simonson, Ben Locke, Marla Craig, Grace Chen, Eric Klingensmith

Veterans Resource at Counseling Centers
Jane Bost, Mark Matuszewski

“Words of Wisdom” As You prepare to take the Plunge Into a College Counseling Center Career


Clinical Issues in Online Sexual Activity: An Introduction
Elizabeth A. Maynard

If You Build It, They Will Come: Building a Robust Group Therapy Program
Diana E. Damer

Latest Online Screening Results Give Counselors Insight Into College Mental Health
Christina Collins

Live Family Sculpting
Toby LeBlanc

A Romantic Relationships Group for College Students
Jamie Justus

RX for Stress!
Jane Morgan Bost

A School Psychologist in a College Counseling Center: Issues and Reflections
Susan Swank

Supervision Issues in Group Therapy
Cindy Cook, Gary Adams, Elizabeth Huddleston


Applications of Synergistic Supervision for Counseling Center Professionals
Jessica Walker, Jocelyn Buhain

Behavior Concerns Advice Line, the University of Texas at Austin
Jane M. Bost

Evolution of Emergency Operations Strategies: Structure and Process of Crisis response in College Student Affairs
C. Ryan Akers

Walking the Talk
Eric Klingensmith (editor)


Intimate Partner Abuse in Gay/Lesbian Relationships: Clinical Implications
Amana Carvalho

Me, My Avatar and I: Massive Multiplayer Online Games and College Well-Being
Linda R. Young

Reflections from Early Career Professionals
Jane M. Bost (editor)

Religious Expressions in Time of Stress: A Brief Review of the Psychology on Religious Coping and Its Application in Clinical Settings
Luis G. Cruz-Ortega

Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement for College Athletes
Cathleen T. Connolly

Virginia Tech: Responses from University and College Counseling Centers
Sue Stock


Counseling Centers and Technology
David L. Gilles-Thomas

Diamonds in Our Backyard: Collective Wisdom
Jane Bost (editor)

Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness (BOOK REVIEW)
Nancy S. Rolfsrud

From Soldier to Student: Making the Transition
(Brochure, University of Texas at Austin)

Working with Asian American College Students
Leena Batra


Applying the Tripartite Model of Multicultural Counseling Competency to the Internship Training Program
M. Nicole Coleman

Disaster Services: Making a Difference
Eric Klingensmith

Implementing a Practitioner-Scholar Model at a University Counseling Center
Sharon Mitchell, Andrea Greenwood

Off-Campus Disasters, On-Campus Responses


Counseling Centers from a Multidisciplinary Perspective
Andrea Greenwood (editor)

Eating Disorders and Self-Induced Dissociation
Laura Lyn


The Psychological Impact of 9-11 on College Students and Suggestions For How Counseling Centers Can Prepare For War and/or Future Terroristic Attacks
Robert P. Gallagher

Seasons of a Counselor’s Life: Career Development of Professional Staff in Counseling Centers
Angela Londoño-McConnell, J. Kip Matthews


Creating Inclusion: Transgender Students on Campus
Mindy Michels

Early Psychological Intervention and College Personnel Services
George S. Everly, Jr.


Suicidal Clients in Counseling Centers
David Jobes

Working With International Students: Cross Cultural and Psychodynamic Perspectives
Cherian Verghese


Confidentiality and the Educational Need to Know
Robert Bonfiglio, Heidi Levine

Managed Care: Closer Than We Think?
Charles Klink

Other Articles, Presentations and Publications

sorted by author

Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on College Student Anxiety: a Meta-Analysis
Bamber, M.D. & Morpeth, E. (2018)

Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Online Mental Health Services
Barnett, J. (2011)

Safe Start Sexual Assault Prevention Program Presentation | Poster Session Materials
Bommersbach, M. (2009)

Citizens of the Internet in 2000 and Beyond
Bost, J.M.; Gilles-Thomas, D.L.; Kandell, J.; Lynch, S. (2000)

Integrative Multitheoretical Psychotherapy
Brooks-Harris, J. (2008)

Be More Visual:  College Drinking Through the Student Lens
Broughton, E.; Walz, K.; Borton, N. (2011)


Outreach Programs for Men of Color
Campell, D. S. (2011)

Counselors in Residence
Presentation | Handout
Castelino, P. (2009)

Becoming Strengths-Based in Career & Counseling Services
Cook, C.; Crocker, C.  (2011)

Helping Students and Trainees Be More Through Group Therapy
Cook, C.; Damer, D. (2011)

Surviving the Storm:  A Case Study of College Student Suicides
Crahen, S. (2011)


Pre-Group Screening Meetings
Damer, D. (2009)

Promising Practice-Stress and Wellness Clinic Improves College Student Success and Well Being
Diyankova, I.; Daly, K.; Davis, D.  (2011)


Crisis Intervention on Campus: Additional Approaches Considered
Epstein, B.H (2004)


The Significance of Feminist Identity in Psychologically Abusive Relationships
Fowler, A. (2011)


Innovations In College Counseling Centers: The Counseling Center Web
Gilles-Thomas, D.L. (1997)

Counseling Centers on the Net: Buffalo & The Counseling Center Village
Gilles-Thomas, D.L. (1999/2017)

The Joy of Unlearning Privilege/Oppression for People from Privileged Groups
Goodman, D. (2011)

What Do I Say Now? Responding to Biased Comments
Goodman, D. (2011)

Conduct Issues for Students with Disabilities: Current Practices: Emerging Issues
Gregory, D.; Broderick, K.;  DeBowes, M.  (2011)


The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection: An Innovative Resource
Hsiung, R.C. (1997) 


An Investigation of Higher Education Competence in Graduate Students
Iverson, S.; Lara, T. (2011)


The Mental Health Needs of Today’s College Students: Challenges and Recommendations
Kitzrow, M.A. (2003)

B’More:Ethical Decision Making in Student Affairs Practice
Kocet, M.; Pike, J. (2011)


Mental Health Ambassadors
Presentation Remarks | PowerPoint | Handbook | Activity Planner | Positive Impacts Log
Lee, W (2009)

Yes Means Yes: A Student Faculty Staff Mini-Course Promoting Positive Sexuality
LeFrance, D.: Brown, S. (2011)

Crossing Developmental Borders Through Participation in HIV/AIDS Focused Service Learning 
LePeau, L.; Jones, S.; Robbins, C.  (2011)

Private Practice Database
Locke, B. (2009)

Research as a Part of Graduate Training: Nuts, Bolts, and Assembly
Lucas, M.; Klingaman, E.; Risco, C.;   Martin, H. (2011)


The Counseling Center Directors’ Annual Data Bank
Magoon, T. (1999)

A Blueprint for Creating a Safe Campus Model
Marks, J.; Bilello, S.;  McNair, K. (2011)

Suicide Prevention on Campus:  Being More Via Coordinated, Synergistic Programming
Marshall, D. (2011)

The Tricky Part
Mitchell, S. (2009)

Responding to At-Risk Students: Counseling Centers and Other Stakeholders as Collaborators
Mitchell, S.; Gilles-Thomas, D.L.; Lidano, E. (2006)  (slides also available)

When Friends Just Don’t Understand: Group Grief Counseling with Undergraduates
Moundas, S.; Hensler, N. (2011)

The Experience of No Straight Football Players as FBS Colleges
Mrozek, L.; Burns, E. (2011)

A Disability Identity Development Model:  College Students with Disabilities
Myers, K.; Laux, S.; Murdock, S. (2011)

Communication Preferences of College Students with Visual Disabilities
Myers, K.; Lindburg, J.; Bastian, J. (2011)


Beyond Borderline Personality Disorder: Dialectical Behavior Therapy in a College Counseling Center
Panepinto, A.R.; Uschold, C.C.; Olandese, M.; & Linn, B.K. (2015)


Adaptive Supervision in Counseling Training
Rando, R.A. (1999)


Bounce Back Retention Program
Schmitz-Sciborski, A; Weinberg, M. (2009)

College Student Suicide: Putting the Pieces Together
Schwartz, A.J. (2004)

A Handbook for International Educators: Mental Health and Crisis Management, Assisting University of Notre Dame Study Abroad Students, 3rd edition
Settle, W. (editor) (2011)

Beyond the Syllabus:  Strategies for Enhancing Communication Between Faculty and At Risk Students 
Shevrin, A.; Mundell, C. (2011)

Student Affairs Professionals Successful Support of Students with Asperger’s Syndrome
Simon, M.; Real, A.; McGovern, M.; Wright, K.; Yosifi, T. (2011)

The Development and Implementation of a Computerized Scheduling and Record Keeping System for a College Counseling Center
Smith, W.E.; Bissonette T.(n.d.)

The Influence of Sexual Identity on Higher Education Outcomes
Sorgen, K. (2011)

History of the University Counseling Service (UCS) at The University of Iowa
Stone, G.L. (1999)


Aggression Management Program
Van Brunt, B. (2009)


Neorodiversity as a Multicultural Competency for Clinicians and Student Affairs Professionals
Wraight-Steinmetz, M.; Mistler, B. (2011)

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