Design Strategies

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Books about Workshop Design

Design and Delivery of Developmental Interventions – This outline is a summary of Developmental Interventions: Theories, Principles and Practice by David Drum and Alice Lawler (1988). Columbus, OH: Merrill Publishing Co.

Four Fundamental Types of Workshop Learning Activities – This summary is based on Chapter 4 of Workshops: Designing and Facilitating Experiential Learning by Jeff E. Brooks-Harris and Susan R. Stock-Ward (1999). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Key Elements in Workshop Design – This outline is a summary of Preparing, Designing, Leading Workshops: A Humanistic Approach by Susan Cooper and Cathy Heenan (1980). Boston: CBI Publishing Co.

Strategies to Design and Facilitate Workshops by Kathy Obear

Outreach Practices of a Small College Counseling Center: A Comprehensive Model to Serve the College Community

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