Outlines and Handouts

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Workshop Outlines

Adjustment Issues by Jim Guinee
   Image result for dot button  Home for the Holidays
   Image result for dot button  Homesickness

Anger Management by Jennifer F. Taylor & Shannon Tran
   Image result for dot button  Week I: Introduction to Anger Management
   Image result for dot button  Week II: Anger as an Emotions
   Image result for dot button  Week III: Anger as a Physiological Response
   Image result for dot button  Week IV: Anger as a Thought Process
   Image result for dot button  Week V: Anger Management through Interpersonal Training

Assertiveness by Jeff Brooks-Harris

Career Decision Making by Jeff Brooks-Harris & Brad Adams

Communication Skills by Jim Guinee
   Image result for dot button  Building and Maintaining Relationships
   Image result for dot button  Communication and Conflict Resolution
   Image result for dot button  Enhancing Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution by Jim Guinee
   Image result for dot button  Turning away Wrath
   Image result for dot button  Working with Difficult People (with Charlotte Strickland)

Decision Making Issues in Advisement by David Gilles-Thomas

Diversity Skills for Leaders by Nahla Harik-Williams

Dreams by Jim Guinee
   Image result for dot button  A Model of Dream Interpretation
   Image result for dot button  Dreams & Dream Interpretation

Facebook  by Jim Guinee
   Image result for dot button  Facebook 101
   Image result for dot button  Facing the Facebook
   Image result for dot button  Facebook Update: Bigger Blessing, Bigger Curse

Feel Better Fast: Help with Depression, Stress and Insomnia by Bert Epstein

Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Coming Out Exercise by Barry Schreier

Grief  by Jim Guinee
   Image result for dot button  Death & Dying
   Image result for dot button  Understanding Grief

How to Study in Less Time & Do Better by Bert Epstein

Internet Addiction/Obsession  by Bert Epstein

“It’s My Turn”: Speaking Up in Class Discussion by Laura Doto

Leadership by Jim Guinee

Listening, Reading, & Note-Taking by Bert Epstein

Orientation by Jim Guinee

Presentation Skills by Jim Guinee

RA Training by Jim Guinee

Psychology of Religion by Jim Guinee

Risky Business: Reducing the Risk of Alcohol Abuse, Sexual Assault, and S.T.D.s by Paula Scatoloni

Sexual Assault Prevention: “Should we talk before we touch?” by Jeff Brooks-Harris & Christine Quemuel

Stress Management by Sherry Lynch

Stress Management by Bert Epstein

Study Skills by Sherry Lynch

Study Skills & Time Management by Jim Guinee

Test Anxiety by Bert Epstein

Test Taking Tips by Bert Epstein

Time Management by Sherry Lynch

Time Management by SUNY Buffalo Counseling Center Staff

Wellness by Kimo Alameda

Experiencing Diversity:  Experiential Exercises for use in Multicultural and Diversity Workshops Edited by Jeff E. Brooks-Harris, Lori E. Davis, & Rosemary E. Simmons

Handouts & Workbooks

Anger Management


Class Discussion Skills


Diversity Skills for Leaders

Facilitation Skills

Feel Better Fast


How to Study in Less Time & Do Better

Internet Addiction / Obsession

Listening, Reading, & Note-Taking


Risky Business

Sexual Assault Prevention

Stress Management

Study Skills

Test Anxiety

Test Taking Tips

Time Management